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Friday, August 14, 2009

TGIF - 2nd Chances

I heard today that Michael Vick got a job again in the NFL. This is not a commentary on Michael Vick or what he did. I am not in the position to judge or criticize. The plank that I deal with is all that I can speak of. Micheal is getting a 2nd chance to play in the NFL and I am all for 2nd chances.

Today, I am stopping to be grateful for 2nd chances and forgiveness. I am thankful for God's grace which is new every morning. I know that I have talked about 2nd chances in other TGIF posts, maybe, in all of the TGIF posts. We always have this to be thankful for.

Forgiveness and 2nd chances are acts of grace. They are ways that we extend the grace that we receive God to others. I heard grace described as "a gift given by God to another person through us." I think we could say our gratitude for the forgiveness that we receive from God is expressed when we forgive another.

Have you been given a 2nd chance? Have you received God's grace? Have you received it new today?

God forgives you.

Who do you need to give a 2nd chance? Who do you need to forgive? Give God thanks for your 2nd chance and forgiveness by extending it to others. Thank God it's Friday.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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