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Thursday, August 27, 2009


"A network update will occur in your area on August 26, 2008. On this day please dial *22869 + send. Thank you."

This is what the text message said. It seemed like no big deal. It seemed like a small thing to do on the given day and everything would go on just like normal. It seemed. But after dialing the number and then having to dial another because the first one didn't work and then calling my customer service I was without my cell phone for the entire day.

Not only did it mean no cell phone but it also, because I use my cell phone to connect to the Internet, meant no email, no texting, no facebook, no way to connect to the outside world. I was disconnected for a day from the world of technology. I made and received no text, no emails. I could not post a blog or communicate through those forms of technology. So, we had no blog Wednesday.

What I can say from this experience was that it was good to disconnect from technology for a day. It was a good fast. It was nice to not have my phone beeping, chirping and ringing all the time. It was good to let go. It wasn't easy but it was nice.

I enjoyed most of all that I am never disconnected from God. We don't need a special connection or have to be special people to talk to God. There are times that it seems that the network is down, I am not getting through or God is not getting through to me, but the technology of our connection to God never breaks down. God always hears us when we cry out. God always hears our audible and inaudible groans for him. God knows our hearts and our needs. Always. Prayer allows us to connect and enter into his will. Prayer, a simple technology of turning our attention toward God, of whispering, shouting, crying, being still in his presence, talking and listen to God, never is not available to us. We are called to pray without ceasing. There will be no network errors or upgrades. Take time each day to make the connection that taps you into God. Talk to God. Listen for God. He is there for you.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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