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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayer Warriors

Prayer warrior is kind of a powerful image. I have been thinking about this image and pondering what is meant by it. Warrior evokes kind of a battle or fighting image that I sometimes struggle with. I mean I am a peace and love guy so that kind of stuff is hard sometimes. But the image that I see is of someone who is standing in the gap, like in the book of Ezekiel. God ask is there is anyone who would stand in the gap and pray for his children that had turned away. God is looking for prayer warriors who will pray. Who will battle on there knees, hand to hand, lifting each other up to Jesus through prayer. Pray warriors are people who will place their lives and the lives of others into God's hands and seek God's will to be done.

One thing that I have learned is that every time God does a powerful thing in a life, in a family, in a community, or in a church it has been under girded by prayer. Prayer warriors stood in the gap and prayed for God's will. Not that prayer changed the mind and the heart of God. It is that prayer changes us to live and to see God's will. Prayer enables us to connect to the power source and to become what God desires. Prayer is not just important it is necessary if we want to follow Jesus with our lives.

I wonder if we (Dockery) couldn't get more intentional about tapping into God's power through prayer. I would love to see a prayer group come together just to pray and to seek God's will and to pray for our community and it's leaders. I also think it would revive us to have a group of people who prayed with me before our worship times and folks who prayed through our service. Maybe, God has laid it on your heart to be a part of a prayer group like this. Maybe, you have never thought of doing it but would consider standing in the gap for Dockery Chapel in this way. If you would be interested in forming or being apart of a prayer group lets talk and get them going. If you want to enhance your prayer life and grow deeper in you faith I would encourage you to take part in an intentional prayer group and in October we are going to have a class on Wednesday evenings on prayer that you might find enriching.

Powerful and miraculous things happen when God's people pray.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,


Renea Lynch said...

Count me in! Sounds awesome. Can't wait till October. :)

kathy madden said...

God touches my life every day! Prayer is part of my daily life. I have been concerned about many things and friends and prayer is something I can do for them. God had placed on my heart a need to pray often and I had approached some and asked them if they would become a part of a pray circle.....Wow, then I read your blog today. I know the power of prayer and I know the power of positive prayer!

God Bless you Pastor Doug, God loves you.