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Monday, September 28, 2009

Service vs. Servanthood

Yesterday at church I talked about how I thought that what I see God calling us to is servanthood rather than service. The way that I see it, service is a task. Service is something that I do. Servanthood on the other hand is a way of life. Servanthood is a lifestyle of giving it all away for the other.

The example that Jesus gives us, and invites us to, is servanthood. Giving our lives away in service to God. Giving our time, or talents, our gifts and our resources for the benefit of others in service to God.

Servanthood, submission, humility, sacrifice. These are not 21st century words. They are counter to our culture. Yet, they are words that would describe the way of life for those that want to follow Jesus.

How can we move from service to servanthood?

Love today?

In Christ's love and mine,

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