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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ascribe: What's that mean?


  1. Attribute something to (a cause): "he ascribed Jane's short temper to her upset stomach".
  2. Attribute (a text, quotation, or work of art) to a particular person or period: "a quotation ascribed to Thomas Cooper".
Synonyms:attribute - impute - accredit - credit - refer
It was interesting as I read the 29th Psalm today I began to reflect on the meaning of the word ascribe.  It is not a word we use everyday.  At least I don't.  

I tried to see what the original word was and if there where other ways it has been translated and sure enough it has also been translated in other ways.  Give is a common translation.

Mighty ones are to give God the glory and strength that is die his name.   We are not to take the credit for power and might, we are to give god the credit.  We are not just to give him the credit we should also give him our love and our adoration because this is what he deserves.  Our love should also be ascribed to him.  The psalmist tells us why.  

We should love God because all he has to do is speak and it will be done.  Actually we should love God because he has all ready spoken us into existence and and loves us.   What God says is true.  You can count on it.  He can be trusted.   You are who God says you are.  Not what others say.  You can do what God says you can do.  Ascribe to him his power and might.  All he has to do is speak and it is so.  His voice is powerful and majestic.  His Word is sure.  When we give ourselves to him he gives himself to us.  He gives his strength to his people.  He ascribes to us his strength and his peace.  He has spoken powerfully and majestically and he has said you are his beloved.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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