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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Sunday: Psalm 10

Psalm 10 talks about promises of God.  It tells us that God "hears the desires of the afflicted."  He is called "defender to the fatherless and the oppressed."  This is good news and it is comforting to know that God does hear the cries and bring comfort to those who grieve and are afflicted.  It is good news and comforting to know that he is the helper to those that commit themselves to him.

Flip-side.  Yes there is a flip-side and I/we often fail to recognize that we can be the wicked that are talked about in the scriptures.  Oh, we can read and place ourselves as the ones on God side pretty easily, after all we are reading the Bible, it makes since that we are the ones that are the "good" ones.

I think it is helpful to see how the "wicked" in this text might rear it ugly head in me.  It is very descriptive when it describes what the wicked do.  Wicked hunt down the weak.  They find someone who has is weaker than them and manipulate them to get their way.  The wicked boast about the cravings of their heart.  (I want this.. I want that..I did this..I did that...if it feels good do it) This is what the wicked do.  They are prideful, they don't seek God they think they can do it in their own.  They don't have room in their thoughts for God.  They don't think about God they are thinking of other stuff.  The wicked say nothing will shake me.  He says no one can harm me.  He does not tell the truth.  We are also told that the wicked prosper in all their ways.  The wicked have a much more familiar face when we read about the wicked in this Psalm.  They are not just villainous looking characters that are obvious to detect.

As I read this Psalm and really listen I can see that the wicked looks a lot more like me than I want to admit. (How about you?)  I think I need to see and hear how God might be speaking to me in the description of the wicked and seek his face so that I might know his comfort.  I need to cry out to him and seek his help.  He hears the cries of all who cry out to him.

Love today.

In Christ's loug

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