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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Missed Miracles

I wonder how many miracle we miss every day.  I think that sometimes we expect miracles to just be obvious and undeniable.  Sometimes they are.  Sometimes we see the impossible happen and we can give no other explanation except it was a miracle of God.  However, I think that many of God's miracles can be missed or even misunderstood.  We will call them coincidences or luck.  We will try to come up with an explanation that we can understand logically or because we just don't expect a miracle we don't see it.  

Jesus first miracle illustrates this for us.  The miracle takes place at a wedding reception.  People are partying and having a good time and they run out of wine.  Mary, Jesus mother, tells him that the time has come for him to demonstrate his power and then tells the servants to do what Jesus tells them to do.  Jesus has them take the jars that were used for cleaning and fill them with water and then serve that to the people of the party as wine.  The servants do as Jesus asks and when the people drink the servants offering they drink the finest wine of the night.  Jesus takes stale, stagnant and dirty water and turns it into the finest wine.  The people who drank the wine that night had no idea that a miracle had just taken place.  They just think "this is good wine."  The host of the party, the bride and the groom, have no idea that the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords has just performed a miracle to continue the celebration.  Most of the people who experienced Jesus first miracle miss the miracle.  They may have seen it as good fortune or coincidence or may have even just taken it for granted.  But, the servants saw it as a miracle. The ones who did just as Jesus told them to do know that Jesus turns stale, dirty, stagnant stuff into the finest of wines.  They know that Jesus can do the impossible.  They, because they are serving and doing what Jesus ask them to do and they are watching to see what happens, know that it is a miracle not coincidence, luck, or chance.  They don't miss it.

I wonder what miracles I have missed today because they appeared ordinary.  I wonder how many we take for granted each day.  

If we are following Jesus and not getting out ahead of him we are in a better position to see his miracles.  When we do what he says and serve him our perspective on the things that go on around us is clearer.   I am looking.  I am expecting.  I know that it is what Jesus does and there is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to God.

In Christ's love and mine,


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