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Thursday, January 30, 2014

What if it is not all about me?

Self centered.

Do you ever find yourself in that place where you are thinking only about yourself?  Do you ever wonder when you do things "what am I going to get out of it?" or "what is in it for me?" Do you ever find yourself just asking, "what do I want?" or "what do I need?"

Ya, me too!

I think one of the toughest transformations for us to allow God to make happen in us is the transformation from being self-centered to being Christ-centered.  We tend to go from that place of what is good for me and what pleases me.  We come from a place of what do I want to do.  Really this is the root of sin and separation from God.  We are selfish and only care about what we want and what pleases us so we don't care what pleases God or what God wants.  We even know what God wants but the "fruits" look good and pleasing to us and we desire them so, we do what we want.  

But, guess what?  What I am about to write may surprise us.  
IT IS NOT ABOUT US.  We were not put on this earth and created for our pleasure. 
IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT US.  We were created for God's pleasure.  

Now this does not mean that we won't find pleasure in life or that we don't get anything out of life.  In fact, I think that life is most pleasing to us when we are pleasing God.  Life is at its best when we allow God to be a the center of our lives.  We then can have life and have it to the full.  A self-centered life is always less of life.  The pleasure that we find in just pleasing ourselves does not even come close to comparing to the pleasure that we find when we seek after what pleases God. 

This means that in order for us to truly find pleasure in life we need to be transformed.

We can't make this shift from self-centered to Christ-centered without giving up control.  We can't be transformed in this way without letting Christ have the lead and we follow.  

After all, what if it really is all about God and not about me?  Would we ask different questions and live our lives differently?

In Christ's love and mine,

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