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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I will admit to you right off the bat that I am not an expert on the history of St. Patrick's Day or St. Patrick. In fact, this morning I did a little research to help me understand the significance of this day and who St. Patrick is.

What I discovered was that St. Patrick may not have driven the snakes out of Ireland or used a three leaf clover to teach about the Trinity. I even learned that St. Patrick was not born in Ireland. He was from Britain and was a slave in Ireland.

I learned that Patrick was a missionary to Ireland. After he had been enslaved in that country he was called to return there to tell the people about his Jesus. Patrick felt as if he had been hand picked by God to take the gospel to the people of Ireland and to that end of the world. Ireland was his place that God had sent him to share the good news. Patrick followed God into the land that he had been enslaved in and he allowed God so that the people of Ireland could come to know a life transforming relationship with Jesus.

What is the world that God calls you into to share Jesus? Is it your work place? Is it your home? Is it you neighborhood? What is the end of the world that God is calling you to spread the good news in? Who are the people? Your family? Friends? Co-workers? The people you encounter throughout your day?

Each of us has a sphere of influence and a place on this world that we are being called to live out our relationship with Jesus and to follow him so that others can see Jesus. Most likely we don't have to leave our country and go to another to do this. That place is where God has put you right now. The people are the people that you interact with and encounter everyday. Spread the good news, show people Jesus, and share his love in your "Ireland" today.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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