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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What do the hands of God look like?

I am reading a book by Jeniffer Rothschild called "Touched by the Unseen Hand". In this book she writes about seeing the unseen hand of God and recognizing God's hand in our life. One of the points that is made in this book is that we miss seeing God's hand touching our lives because it comes in ways we are not looking for it to come. The package that God uses to touch us is often different than we anticipate. Sometimes it is too ordinary. A phone call from a friend. A chance encounter with a stranger. The hug of a child. A near miss. Sometimes it comes when and how we least expect it. The reality is that God is always reaching out to you and me because he loves us. God is always reaching out to touch us and to impact our lives. To inspire us, encourage us, build us up and to grow us. We need to become more aware of the ways that he touches our lives through ordinary everyday means and all circumstance and situations. We need to look for "Godcidences" rather than coincidences.

Another point that comes form this book it that God's hands look like the ones that are at the end of your arms. Your hands, God wants to use to touch the lives of other. Sometimes that touch will be flesh on flesh. A hug, a pat on the back, or a shoulder to lean on but the touch that God most want us to make with us, and with him, is heart to heart. Look for ways that Gd can use you to be his hands to touch the lives of others. Be open to the Spirits leading in your life. Do you fell like you need to give someone a call? Do it. Do you think you should write a note, send a gift, or take someone to lunch? Do it. Have you wanted to do something for someone or have you felt you should tell somebody an encouraging word? Do it. God just might touch someone else through you and more of us might see and feel his unseen hand in our lives.

This is not a spoiler for this book read it sometime when you can.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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