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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness

If you are a college basketball fan or just a casual observer of the sport you might be aware that we are in the portion of the season that is known as "March Madness". It is tournament time. The conference tournaments have finished and now it is time for the national tournaments and deciding who will be the number one team in the nation.

I first want to say go Mizzou! To my Alma Mater Central Missouri who is in the elite 8- Go Mules!

I am not sure why it is called march madness but it might be because people get a little crazy when it comes to rooting for their teams. It might be called march madness because there is so many games played in such a little span of time. It could be called march madness because people who are not interested in basketball all year long will suddenly pick a team in an office pool and try to cheer them on to victory. Maybe it is called march madness because people who have no interest in basketball and have no knowledge of the sport will pick game winners based on the colors of their uniforms (and they will win!).

What if we were just as fanatical and "mad" about our relationship with God as we can get about sports and other forms of entertainment. What if we just went "mad" about Jesus. He was all we could talk about, we invited everyone at work to take part in worshiping him. What if we became such devoted fans of God that we read up on him and studied his moves and became like him and dreamed of one day winning it all with Him. What if we chose to be fanatical followers of Jesus? Hmm.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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