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Friday, March 6, 2015

Lenten Reflection #14:Thank God it's Friday!

Gratitude is a natural response to a relationship with God.
When we understand that He created us just to love us and have a relationship.
"Thanks you!" is a natural response.
When we grasp just how deep and how wide His love is for us.
"Thank you!" is a natural response.
When we understand and experience his grace and forgiveness.
We cant help but say, "Thank you!"
When we experience His comfort.
"Thank you!"is just natural.
When we experience His protection.
"Thank you!"just comes out.
When we experience His provision.
"Thank you!" is what we must say, not just with words but with our lives.

We say "thank you" as we live our lives in a loving, committed relationship with Him.  We say "thank you" when we love him in return, because he first loves us.  We say "thank you" as we trust him to be our strength, our provider, our all in all, and our everything.  

Thank you God for creating me and loving me.  Thank you for desiring a relationship with me.  Thank you for forgiving me and for your grace and mercy.  Thank you for being with me, in me and working through me each and every day.  Thank you for never leaving me or forsaking me.  Thank you for always being for me.  Thank you for calling me your child and the relationship that I have with  you.  I love you too!

In Christ's love and mine,

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