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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keep On Keeping On

I have been talking about habits, or practices, that we can make part of our everyday life that help us encounter Jesus. More than just talk about them, I have been trying to make them a part of the post and of my everyday life. I hope that you have too.

I hope that the posts, as you have read them, have been helpful in allowing you to make scripture meditation a part of your day. I hope that they have encouraged you to pray throughout your day and to worship as you read each day. They have certainly helped me to do that more regularly. More than anything, I pray that as you have been doing more of these habits and making them a part of everyday, you are encountering God in your life. That is the reason to do them. I pray that as you and I encounter God through these habits we continually grow in our love of God and others.

What I started thinking about today is that I am not always going to be posting about these habits. Having to write a post on the specific habit has encouraged that practiced in my own life. Focusing on making them a habit has been helpful in being sure that I do them. However, I (we) still need to do them even when they are not the focus of a blog. We need to make reading the Bible, worship, prayer, and Christian interaction a part of our lives. I do hope that this blog will always encourage us to do these things but it will not always be so intentionally focused.

However, we need to always be intentional about doing those things that help us to encounter God. If we are not intentional other things may take priority over them. I pray that even after the blog changes focus we remain focused on the main thing and that is growing in our relationship with God and these habits, I believe, help us to encounter God and grow.

There are two more practices that we can add to the list. They are telling others about what God is doing our lives and what God can do for them, (this is faith-sharing) and service. These are things that we can do in our ordinary everyday lives.

As we share our faith with others and as we serve God by giving of our gifts, time, and talents, for the benefit of his Kingdom we experience God in our lives. We encounter the power of God, the strength of God, the love of God. I think that it is in faith-sharing and service that God can stretch us out of our comfort zone into a place where we experience God deeper and more fully. We are able to do things that on our own seem impossible. Sharing our faith and service is making our faith and our trust of God visible. When we do that, I believe, God becomes real. To us and to the world.

In the days, weeks, months, and years ahead arrange your live around these practices. They can help us to encounter God and become the people that we are called to be.

As they use to say "keep on keeping on." Keep on reading God's word, keep on praying, keeping worshiping, keep on spending time with other Christians, keep on sharing your faith, and keep on serving. Be intentional about it.

In Christ's love and mine,

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