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Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank God it's Friday!!!

As I cleared the ice from my windshield this morning I began thinking...

Thank you God for the seasons. Thank you for the sun and the heat of summer. Thank you for the hope and the beauty of spring. Thank you for the cool and the harvest of fall. Thank you God for the chill and the cold of winter. I thank you Lord that we have the seasons of life that remind us that there is a flow to our lives. The seasons remind us that there is a rhythm in our lives and that this to is temporary. The snow is only here for a time, the heat of summer is only here for a time. The winter will be followed by the hope and the new blossoms of spring. Spring will bring fourth summer and the heat of the summer will bear much fruit in the harvest of fall. Our lives go through seasons as well, Lord. Your word tells as that for everything there is a season. Season of laughter, seasons of crying, season of dancing, and seasons of morning. You tell us that you are with us in every season of our life, bringing us through the seasons of life. Thank you God for the seasons of life and for the rhythm found in you. In this season of Advent prepare my heart, my mind, and my life for you. Amen

What are you thankful for today?

Give God thanks!

Love today.

In Christ's Love and mine,

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