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Monday, December 15, 2008

Only 9 More Preparation Days till Christmas

I heard them talking about the number of shopping days till Christmas on the radio this morning. I am sure that you have heard people counting down and fretting about how short the time is getting between now and Christmas. Maybe you are beginning to wonder if you are going to get everything done in time.

I was thinking that it is just a few more days to make sure that I have prepared my heart, my mind, and my life for Christmas. I want Christmas to be real this year. I want it to be a time that I grow deeper in love with God and with others. There is only a few more days left to make sure that this Christmas is all that it can be.

I was also thinking about the hope, love, joy, and peace of Christmas and how I am not only to experience and receive Christ hope, love, peace, and joy at Christmas but I am to be and share it.

There are nine days to be prepared to be and share Christ hope with others. Nine days to make sure that I am open to love as Christ loves this Christmas. Nine days to be made ready to share Christ peace and work for reconciliation in the world. Nine days left to prepare to live in the Joy of Christ and to share it with others.

As we prepare to receive the gift that comes to us at Christmas we also need to prepare to give the gift to others. God has a gift of hope, love, peace and joy for us this Christmas. The gift is given freely to us to receive. As freely as we receive we should freely give.

"For unto us a child is born"

Love today.

In Christ love and mine,

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