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Monday, December 1, 2008

Living a Life of Worship

Another habit that I think is helpful for me and my relationship with God is the habit of worship.

What do you think of when you think of worship?

What would it mean to make worship a habit in our lives?

Is it possible to live lives of worship?

As I think of worship I think about lots of things. I think about community worship, where we gather together and sing songs, pray, and hear and respond to God's word. I think about what we do on Sundays at Dockery Chapel and people do each week all across our world.

It is important that we regularly gather together for worship. I know, for me, when I miss going to church and worshiping with others my week is just not the same. In fact, if feel weak throughout the week. The habit of regular community worship is important for me and my relationship with God. It is in a group of people gathered together in Christ's name that God promises us he will be and we can encounter him.

However, I think that worship is something that God wants me to do more than just one day a week for an hour or two. Worship is about offering my life to God as praise to God. Worship is something that I can do as a live. It hits me as a write this that worship is something that I do as I live. The way that I live, speaks of how I offer my life to God. The way that I live sings a song to God, the question is what song am I singing with my life? Who is praised by that song?

There is the scripture passage (Col. 3:17) that says, "whatever you do whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thank to God the Father through him."

That is a life of worship.

How can we do this? How can we make worship such a habit that we recognize that everything we do and say can be offered to God to say that we love him?
What would happen if we started living like everything we did and said was an offering in the name of Jesus as a way of giving thanks to God?

Let me know your thoughts on worship.

Here is a great song about living a life of worship if you want to listen to it-- click it.

In Christ's Love and Mine,


Tammyb said...

I like to worship in the car - although others who pass by give me funny looks, I do it anyway. I like to put a good praise CD on while I drive and I sing and worship. This works good, because God didn't give me the talent of a beautiful singing voice, so you will appreciate that I sing when alone in the car. I to am lost if I miss church on Sunday. That time each Sunday morning seems to prepare me for the week ahead and remind me to be thankful for the week I have just lived. I love the "connection" I feel when totally engaged in "worship"!

Tammyb said...

If any of you skipped listening to the U-tube video attached, go back and listen. It's a great song. What is the group? I would like to download for listening.

Doug Franklin said...
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Doug Franklin said...

Tammyb, this group is Casting Crowns. I listen to them a lot. I have shared a few of their songs in church. They are great to worship with in the car. I have all of their CD's if anyone wants to borrow and listen to them.