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Thursday, December 25, 2008

My 50th Post!!! Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Merry Christmas to all. I can't believe that I have now made post number five-o! To top it off it just so happens to be the birthday of Jesus. Isn't God awesome!

Happy Birthday Jesus. Last night we had wonderful Christmas Eve service as we all came to kneel at the manger and worship Jesus. Communion at the manger is always an experience for me. What a meaningful way to celebrate.

Today our challenge is to look for signs that Christ has come. Look for Jesus. Look for the signs that God is with us. Look past the hurry from house to house, and place to place, that some of us will be doing and see that Jesus is present with us. Look beyond the gifts under the tree and see the gift of God's presence. See God in our families. See God in our gatherings. See God in the quite moments and in the moments filled with noise. See God today. Celebrate Jesus. Live, laugh and love for today we claim and celebrate the promise that Jesus is alive and is with us.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I am sure that others would love to hear about how you see Jesus. I know I would. Leave a comment telling us about how you saw that Christ has been born and is present in your life.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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Tammyb said...

The girls thought it was great that the bread was in the manger. They told us before it started that "the baby isn't up there, it's church bread!"