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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Out My Window

Looking out my window this morning I can see the snow coming down. It is beautiful! Driving in the snow, to take the kids to school-- well that was another story. But to look out my window as the snow falls it is beautiful.

I can see our bird feeder and it is full of birds. The snow is coming down (they say we may get 3-6 inches, I will be returning to get the kids before noon.) but the birds are singing and they are gathering up the seed. There is a beautiful cardinal at our squirrel feeder. In this storm the birds seem to be without worry, they are getting there needs filled, they are being provided for. And they are singing. Not worrying about the storm or what is ahead just singing and receiving what God has provided for them.

Jesus said that we could learn something by looking at the birds. This morning I think that I get what he was saying even deeper. You see Nicole and I have had these feeders full for several weeks now. We hung them up late and I thought that maybe the birds didn't know that they were here because we hadn't had any birds at the feeder. Until this morning. The ear of corn on the squirrel feeder had not been touch the whole time it had been out. But this morning there are birds. Birds singing and gathering seed, birds who found what God had provided for them. Today was the day they needed the seed and they found it, they came, they can sing in the storm because they have been provided for. Today, they have what they need, they are not worrying about how much snow is coming they are singing. I can hear them (Yes, Jeff I can hear them).

We can have a tendency in our lives to allow worry to take over. Sometimes it can consume us. Jesus says, we don't need to worry because God loves us. The birds don't have to worry about where they will eat or what they will wear. God provides for them. There is a new feeder and seed for today. God loves us even more than those birds Jesus says. We don't need to worry and allow the storm to overtake us. Just look for the new feeder and the seed that God gives us for today. We don't have to worry today instead we can sing about our God who provides for us and gives us what we need for today.

Today, let's look for the new feeder and the seed that God has provided. Let's sing instead of worry. Let's try to want less and be thankful for what we have more. Let's try to live in today rather than in the past or the future. Don't worry about what you did yesterday that you can't change and don't worry about what is coming tomorrow that today you have no control over. Just live today and allow God to be your provider. Look what he is doing for the birds.

Love today!

In Christ's love and mine,

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