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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Sunday!

I had a great time at church today! Cathie's "Bridge over Troubled Waters" on the piano during the offering was moving. It had me tapping my toes and it made me cry. It was a God moment for me. It was a wonderful time of worship. Then I had a great SS class with our teenagers and a great fellowship dinner. Then I got to hear about Anna and Reuben's people to people trip to Australia.

I came home with the song "Have you seen Jesus my Lord" in my head. The chorus of this song goes like this:

Have you seen Jesus my Lord
He's here in plain view
Take a look open your eyes
He'll show love to you

The song talks about how God can be seen everywhere when we look for him. It has a verse about seeing God in the sunset and another about seeing God in an ocean view. It has one verse that says:

Have you ever stood in the family
with the Lord there in your midst
seen the face of Christ on each other
then I'd say you've seen Jesus my Lord.

As I left church I felt like I had stood in the family with the Lord there in my midst and I had seen Jesus. I just love Sundays!

Take a look open your eyes he'll show love to you!

In Christ's love and Mine,

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