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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey, Aren't You...

This is a song that I heard this morning. I think I have heard it before but this morning I finally heard it. The words are awesome and I think this is really the goal for our lives

It reminds me of a story that I heard once about a missionary who was a missionary to a small tribal village in a undeveloped area of the world. The story is told that because he was bad at paperwork he lost his job as a missionary. Several years later, there was another group of missionaries who came to that same village where the poor paperwork missionary had been sent. As they begin to tell the local people about Jesus, about how Jesus loves them and cares for them, they said, "Oh yes! We know him!" As the missionaries shared stories of how Jesus healed the sick, about the teachings of Jesus, and about Jesus laying down his life for his friends, they said, "Oh yes ! We know him! He lives in the hut right over there!" They pointed to a hut in the village and the person that lived in that hut was the man who had come there as a missionary and lost his job because he could not do the paperwork. When the people heard Jesus described they thought surely they must have been talking about their friend in the village. He and loved them and cared for them like Jesus. He had taught and spoken to them like Jesus. He had cared for the sick and he had laid down his life for them. They had mistaken him for Jesus. Wow!

That is the goal. That you and I would live out our faith in such away that others would see Jesus. That our friends, our family, that everyone that we encounter might encounter the Jesus in us.

Love today, you may be the only Bible some people will read today. Love today, the Jesus that people encounter could be the Jesus in you.

In Christ's love and mine,


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