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Monday, November 24, 2008

Talking and Listening to God

Have you talked to God today? Have you been listening?

Prayer is another one of those habits that we can make a part of our ordinary lives that can help us to encounter God in our day. For me, prayer is essential. Prayer connects me to my life source and into the power of God. Prayer enables me to change my focus from me, and my problems, to God. It helps me to stay focused on God and to offer my life, my relationships, my conversations-- all that I do, over to God.

We really can pray throughout our day. We can pray as we wake and as we go to sleep. We can pray as we work and relate with others. We really can pray without ceasing as the Bible directs us to do. However, it is not easy. Certainly, I focus on me and the stuff of my day way more than I focus on God throughout my day. Certainly, I do things without even thinking about talking to God about it or listening for his guidance and direction. However, I know that it does not have to be this way. God desires that we lift our whole lives at all times to him in prayer. God desires that we live in constant communion and communication with Him. That is cool! God want to have conversation with me and be a part of my everyday life. I just need to include God in it. Prayer is how we intentionally make God a part of what we are doing and allow him to lead us.

Dear Lord,
Throughout my day today help me to be mindful that you are here with me. Thank you that you are here for me to talk to and that you are here for me to listen to. I want to give to you all that I do today and do it all with you. I love you and want to live in communion and communication with you. I want you to be central to all that I do. Help me to pray unceasingly today. In Jesus name. Amen

In Christ's love and Mine,

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