Getting Real About Life, about Love, and about God

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yes, I am aware that this is not how you spell relationship. However, it seems that lately every time I type this word I make the same mistake. The "a" keeps getting ahead of the "l" and I type real. I know that it is probably coming from all of this talk about real but I think that this typo has an interesting insight into getting real about our lives, our love, and God.

We all need relationships that are real. We need "realationships" in our life. Relationships where we can share our hurts, our struggles, our joys, our celebrations--our lives. Relationships that can can help us to grow in our realtionship with God and encourage us and inspire us in our life with God. We need to be people, and have people in our lives, that help us to be who God calls us to be. Realationships are relationships that are life giving and life enriching.

Relationships like this don't happen by accident. We have to put time and energy into building these types of relationship. It takes time. It takes an investment of our time to do life with others. It takes our hearts. We have to give of our hearts to love one another, to laugh, to cry, to inspire and encourage. It takes an investment of our hearts to share our joys, our hurts, our struggles and our dreams. It takes Christ. We need Jesus to be the center of our relationships.

I am thankful for the relationship that I have in my life that I consider to be "realationships." I pray that we all could be people, and be in relationship with people, who will give of our time and our energy and our hearts to build relationship that are real. We need each other. We were not created to be alone.

What can you do today to give our your time and your heart to invest in relationship?

In Christ's love and Mine,

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Tammyb said...

Being "REAL" with God is very important as well because he always knows if we are not being "real" with him. That brings me to our singing at church. For the past several years since I began listening to praise music I am so disappointed not by what we sing but how we sing. I learned in one of Joyce Meyer's teachings that we are to worship and praise God with our whole heart. That means you don't go through the motions of clapping, singing or lifting your hands while your mind is at the restaurant eating lunch or while you worry about a problem or wonder what people in church think of your new outfit. I look around at us singing - and we look lifeless. I just feel like we just sing to be singing because that is what is in the bulletin. I feel the spirit calling me to do more than just mutter the words, to raise my hands to him, to close my eyes and look to heaven - but I don't because no one else does. If we could just get the few of us who really want to praise to sit in a few pews together, maybe we could start something big! Anyone in for this? Sorry, I really babbled!