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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can anything good come out of Nazareth?...YES!

Today was a big travel day for us as we left our hotel on the sea of Galilee and moved toward Jerusalem. We will be staying here for the next four days visiting this Holy city.

Our day started with, of course, sunrise on the sea of Galilee. Jim and Karen, some new friends from Pennsylvania, took in the sunrise with us
this morning. It was a beautiful cloudless sky.

We traveled quite a ways today. It started with a trip and a stop at Nazareth. Our tour guide played one of the disciples in a movie about the life of Jesus and the disciples and he had the line in the movie, "can anything good come out of Nazareth?" This was an awesome time. We went to cliff outside of town that Jesus as a child probably climbed and played on. But, it was probably the placed that they chased him to and wanted to throw him off of after he announced his ministry in his home town. I just spent time on that cliff reading my bible and talking to God. It was pretty cool to think about the radical stuff that God is calling us to and how at times that may lead some people to want to throw us off a cliff. But we must do what we are called to do.

After Nazareth we traveled on to Magedo, the place where the battle of Armageddon is going to begin. We then moved on to Capernaum, along the Mediterranean Sea. The cool thing for me about this place was that this is where Paul was imprisoned for 2 years and where he wrote some of the books of the Bible. Our trip then turned towards Jerusalem.

The moment that we came into Jerusalem for the first time was special. Did you know that no matter what direction you enter the city from you “go up to Jerusalem?” The city is on a hill and it always a trip up, even from the north. We went to Bethlehem and to the Church of the Nativity and visited the sight of Jesus’ birth. We also went to the shepherd’s field. On the way back to our hotel I really did see a single star above the town of Bethlehem. Wow. Tomorrow we begin to tour Jerusalem.

Right now, as I write this, I am setting in a piano bar type area of the hotel lobby. There are people all around me talking about the stuff of life. There are different languages being spoke and people from all over the world contemplating the Holy. I am setting in Jerusalem, in a piano bar, hearing multiple languages spoken and music. This is holy ground. Today is a good day. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. I am having trouble getting any more pictures uploaded but it is still a good day. We will try again tomorrow.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,


Tammyb said...

I just love the "real" connection you are making over there! Brings me to tears most days when I read it. I got to enjoy Delaney this am as she stayed with me for a bit. She is so precious! Nichole and I hugged each other (we have made it to the 1/2 way point)!!! We are doing good!

Renea Lynch said...

I'm sitting here reading and trying to imagine just how awesome the places must be. How overwhelming to touch, feel and walk on the ground. To see the same places and trees that Christ once saw with his own eyes. How incredible it must be.

And, as I'm reading (at midnight) I realize you are already up, had breakfast and off on another adventurous day. We'll miss you tomorrow at church. Darby and I had a little talk about when her daddy comes home when I was visiting this week. ;) You should have seen the bottom lip pucker when I said the "D" word. lol She's going to love hearing Daddy's stories of his great adventure to the Holy Land through the years as she grows up with two wonderful parents.