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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moses, Israel, and Jericho

Wow! Today has been a great day.

We started off by going up Mount Nebo. This is where Moses stood and God showed him the Promise Land. This is also where Moses died and was buried. (Deuteronomy 34)
We then went into Israel. This was an experience. They take security very serious when you enter the country. We spent time in Jericho. I got to see a 2000+ year old sycamore tree that they say is the tree that Zacchaeus was in when Jesus came to town. We then saw the sight of ancient Jericho and the wall. One of the last sights of the day was a Roman amphitheater where Jews and Christians were used as entertainment as they fought to the death against lions and bears.

Here are "Promised photos."

I will post more pics next time. Upload is very slow.
Love today.
In Christ's love and mine,


Tammyb said...

Please don't let them keep my husband!

It's Nic said...

We want pics of you guys in the pics!!!