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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Morning

I don't believe it myself. Those of you who know me, wont believe it either. I am up very early this morning. When I went to sleep last night I was just sure that I would sleep through the wake up call.

This morning the wake up call came from God and not the front desk. The good news-- I didn't miss it. I cant believe that I only needed about 5 hrs of sleep and I was wide awake at about 3:30 am Jordanian time.

God must have something special in store for us this morning. Maybe it is a beautiful sunrise? Maybe it was the time I spent reading in the bible about the places that I will see today? Maybe it is the places that I will see? Maybe the people? Maybe all of it?

I think that it is all of it!!

All of it is a blessing from God. Everyday, no matter where we are at, is a blessing from God. Look for the good today where you are at. Look for God where you are. I will send pictures tonight. I am very excited to begin this journey but I am stating to see that it began a long time ago. Thanks for your prayers.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,


Tammyb said...

Have a great day today - take lots of pics - even the ones of you guys being silly! Moonwalking??!!

Renea Lynch said...

You sound like a kid on Christmas morning! I bet you wanted to rush through the hotel and wake everyone else up and get started on the day. ;) So happy for you all to experience this. Watching for pics! You did find the camera right?! ;) lol