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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mountains & Gardens

Today was our last day in Jerusalem. Tomorrow we will load up early and head over to Jordan and down to Petra. We spent our last day walking around the Old City. This is the old part of Jerusalem in and around the city wall. We walked a lot. But, It was all worth it.

We started on the Mount of Olives. We got to walk into the city along the path that Jesus took on his donkey on Palm Sunday. They have paved the path for us. It was not asphalt in His day. Despite the asphalt it was still neat to enter the town in through the same way and gate as Jesus.

We then went to Gethsemane and prayed. It was a great time of prayer and connection to Jesus. There were several churches that we visited today. One Church was built on the rock where Jesus prayed in the garden. Another church was built on top of a tomb that some say Jesus was buried in. We visited a church where Jesus was held as a prisoner and we walked on steps that Jesus himself would have walked on in his final days. It was a great day.

We ended our day at the Garden tomb. We celebrated Holy Communion together as a group and reflected on the meaning of the resurrection for our own lives. Do you know that God is a God of new life? In Christ we are new creations, the old is gone and new comes. I am not the same as I was a week ago. I hope that you are not the same either. The promise of our lives, in Christ, is that we will be changed, and transformed that is why the tomb is empty.
Today I pray that I am more loving, more caring, more compassionate, more gracious and more thankful than I was last week. Today I pray that I am less selfish, less judgmental and less arrogant than I was last week. I pray that there is less of the old me and more of the new me evident on my life.

How about you?

I visited the tomb today. Jesus wasn't there. He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Enjoy the picture. I had a lot of trouble with the connection so there are just a few. Sorry.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,


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Tammyb said...

Thanks for another great update. Doug, I know it only shows you have 7 followers of this blog, but I have had many tell me in the past two days how they have loved your blog entries from the trip. They CAN really feel the connection thru you and can tell you have really connected over there. God Bless, see ya Thursday night - it is going to be cooollldddd!!!