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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Praying in Jerusalem

I think that prayer was the theme for today.

Today was not a day that was filled with great excitement. Today was a somber day. Maybe it was because I am missing Nicole and the kids so much. You know, the truth is, even on such a special trip that is filled with things to do from morning to night there is time to miss my family. Even though, we have been blessed to talk with each other every day.,I really was missing them today. Maybe it hit me today because it was Sunday. I missed being at church and with my church family also.
Our morning began at the Western wall. This is a remaining wall from the temple in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. We prayed at the wall and placed our prayers in its cracks. It was a special time of prayer. We then traveld along the length of the wall and walked on the street that Jesus walked on in his day. We touched a guard rail that most likely Jesus had run his hand down as he walked on that street.

We then visited the Via Del Rosa or the "Way of Sorrow/ Way of the Cross." This was another somber experience. We spent time in the place where Jesus was sentenced by Pilate to be crucified. We prayed here as well. After this it was on to the pool of Bethsada where Jesus perfomed a healing miracle and then we went to visit the new part of the city before lunch. We are not going to the tomb for until Tuesday so today kind of left us on Good Friday.

The theme of prayer and sorrow continued in the afternoon as we went to the Holocaust Memorial and Museum. This is an incredible museum marking a terrible time in history. The museum is dedicated to the over 6 million Jews that lost there lives and the heroes that faught to save the lives of Jews during this time. This was a moving experience. As I left the memorial to the children that were killed during the holocaust I just wanted to hug and hold my kids. Did I mention that I missed them?

Tonight when we arrived back to the hotel one of our friends on the trip, Bill Gutshawl, had to go to the hospital because he was not feeling well. We continue to pray for Bill. Thank you for praying for him and Carol.

I think what I take from today is that life is real and even when we are on an amazing pilgimage there is sorrow and there are moments that bring us to tears. This is life. Sometimes the tears are because we are just overwhelmed by the experience and our gratitude. Sometimes they are tears because we miss those we love. Sometimes they are tears because we feel the pain and hurt of other. Sometimes the tears come from laughing really hard with a friend. Through all of it and in all of it is God. God is present, he is just a breath away. We pray. The theme for the day is a theme for our lives. And we know that soon we will visit the tomb and it is empty. Are lives don't have to be. We pray. God hears. God comforts. God heals. God transforms Good Fridays into Easter mornings. It was a good day. We prayed.

Love today.

In Christ love and mine,


It's Nic said...

I just read your blog to the kids. They are missing you too. Delaney wished you could jump out of the picture on the computer! The kids have been great and the support system of our awesome church has been overwhelming. Today was an great day of worship, but you were missed by many. We had a prayer for Don as he leaves for Haiti tomorrow. He wanted us to pray that the work that they do over there would be what God would want them to do. So remembering that, I know you miss us (we miss you too)but use the rest of the time there just soaking in what Jesus wants you to soak up. You will be home before you know it. I love you 7~ Me

Renea Lynch said...

:( you even look a little somber in your pictures today. Yes, we definitely missed you at church, but you will be glad to know it was a great morning. Lots of singing, praising God, and laughter. Bud and Barbara Lee helped to bring a little fun back to the church this morning. I'm sure Nic and the kids can tell you all about it. :) It was a beautiful morning.

And everytime I look at pictures and posts you and David share I think of all the many picture opportunities I'd have and seeing things through my camera. Just like Tamm has said everything I see becomes a picture. You do realize Eric is on a mission now.... to save enough to go on the next trip. Thanks. ;)lol

Chet and Lisa said...

It has been such a blessing to follow along with you on this journey! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us daily & for letting us see the Holy Land through your eyes. I've been telling/showing others your blog along with Dave's; everyone has enjoyed it!

Please tell Carol & Bill that Lisa said to get/stay well & get back home. Afterall - they have quite a book to write.

In Christ,
Lisa & Chet